FX Luminaire LX Transformer

The LX Transformer is the industry's first fully digital lighting control transformer. The integrated LCD screen provides current time, photocell, function, and line output readouts. Since its digital display is automatically back-lit, adjustments can easily be made 24 hours a day. And with flexible scheduling options and real-time status readouts, the LX provides the ultimate in system reliability and efficiency. Another element of the LX's advancements in lighting control is that it guards against memory loss in the event of a power outage. Should line voltage become low, a designated 120V light will automatically become red. The LX also features a built-in battery back-up, which protects programming through a power loss. It also provides six on and off times for enhanced design and illumination flexibility.

Standard finish: Matte Gray

Standard Price: 349.00

Finish upgrade: Stainless Steel 100.00